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Perfect for adding a touch of pure colour to an installation, this product is based on our most popular High Power 5050 LED module. This version offers an excellent combination of high light output with a strong colour to provide outstanding results. Available in all three primary colours plus yellow/amber to cover most requirements. Supplied in 12V DC as standard for more accurate cut lengths. Batch selected to ensure consistent colour throughout project.

A full range of aluminium profiles are available to suit this product to provide correct heat dissipation for optimum performance and longevity. 


Product Range Name High Power Single Colour LED Tape
Wattage 14.4W/mtr
Voltage 12V DC
Lumens 320lm/mtr - 810lm/mtr
CRI Ra>70
Viewing Angle 120º
LED/mtr 60 LEDs per metre



Cat. Number Colour
18360/**** Blue 465-470nm
18361/**** Amber 590nm
18362/**** Red 620-625nm
18363/**** Green 520-525nm
/**** State length (mm) required. We will provide relevant couplers & terminations to suit each project.



To ensure optimum performance from our flexible LED range of tape, we offer a wide range of drivers from 10W through to 200W. As these drivers are often located in a dusty environment on top of cupboards etc, we recommend our sealed range of “waterproof” units as standard. Alternatively, a range of dimmable units is also available, with TRIAC “mains” dimmable a popular choice, although other systems are also available including 1-10V or DALI. Our sales team will be happy to offer advice on best driver combination for your particular project. 

Cat. Number Wattage Dimensions (mm) Weight (Kg)
98092/020 20W 190 x 30 x 20 0.219
98092/030 30W 220 x 30 x 20 0.264
98092/040 40W 205 x 35 x 25 0.287
98092/060 60W 180 x 70 x 45 0.865
98092/100 100W 210 x 70 x 45 1.070
98092/150 150W 240 x 70 x 45 1.243
98092/200 200W 235 x 125 x 65 2.700
Cat. Number Wattage Dimensions (mm) Weight (Kg)
98215/12/010 10W 90 x 40 x 20 0.063
98215/12/014 14W 90 x 40 x 20 0.064
98215/12/026 26W 115 x 45 x 30 0.140
98215/12/034 34W 145 x 50 x 32 0.172
98215/12/048 48W 122 x 80 x 35 0.301
98215/12/079 79W 160 x 85 x 50 0.549


1-10v, DALI, DMX dimmable versions are also available. 


The Sovereign High Power Single Colour LED Tape can be used with our full range of quality aluminium profiles. Take a look at our Profiles page for the full selection.

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