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Using the excellent 3528 & 5050 LED modules, these double row versions offer increased light levels compared to traditional single row strips. Supplied in 24V DC as standard to reduce volt drop to a minimum. Available in warm 2700K colour temperature. Batch selected to ensure consistent colour throughout project.

Must be fixed to a suitable metal surface to ensure correct heat dissipation for maximum performance and longevity. 


Catalogue Number S18350D
Colour Temp. 2700ºK
Wattage 19.2W/mtr 
Voltage 24V DC
Lumens 1200lm/mtr  
CRI Ra>70
Viewing Angle 120º
LED/mtr 120 LEDs per metre  
Order Code S18350D/****


/**** State length (mm) required. We will provide relevant couplers & terminations to suit each project.

Catalogue Number S18350DH
Colour Temp. 2700ºK
Wattage 28.8W/mtr 
Voltage 24V DC
Lumens 2100lm/mtr  
CRI Ra>70
Viewing Angle 120º
LED/mtr 120 LEDs per metre  
Order Code S18350DH/****


To ensure optimum performance from our flexible LED range of tape, we offer a wide range of drivers from 10W through to 200W. As these drivers are often located in a dusty environment on top of cupboards etc, we recommend our sealed range of “waterproof” units as standard. Alternatively, a range of dimmable units is also available, with TRIAC “mains” dimmable a popular choice, although other systems are also available including 1-10V or DALI. Our sales team will be happy to offer advice on best driver combination for your particular project. 

Cat. Number Wattage Dimensions (mm) Weight (Kg)
98079/030 30W 220 x 30 x 20 0.264
98079/060 60W 180 x 70 x 45 0.287
98079/100 100W 210 x 70 x 45 1.070
98079/150 150W 240 x 70 x 45 1.243
Cat. Number Wattage Dimensions (mm) Weight (Kg)
98215/12/030 30W 90 x 40 x 20 0.063
98215/12/045 45W 90 x 40 x 20 0.064
98215/12/060 60W 115 x 45 x 30 0.140
98215/12/080 80W 145 x 50 x 32 0.172
98215/12/100 100W 122 x 80 x 35 0.301


1-10v, DALI, DMX dimmable versions are also available. 


The Sovereign Double Row White LED Tape can be used with a selection of our quality aluminium profiles. Take a look at our Profiles page for the full selection.

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