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An exceptionally high performance range of top quality wall mounted uplighters, specifically designed around the latest high efficiency Tridonic LLE modules, offering superb performance of up to 154lm/W. Available in a range of styles including uplight only or up/downlight. Also available without the illuminated slot (see Ecoblade S18541 range).

Main housing produced from extruded aluminium with integral passive thermal management. All versions supplied with Nano/Microprism diffuser for optimum light transmission and visual comfort. Finished in textured polyester powder coat with standard finishes in white, black and silver, with other BS/RAL colours available to order. Bespoke lengths can be produced to client specification.

NOTE: Some dimmable versions may require longer housing to accomodate driver dimensions. 


Product Range Name Sovereign Ecoblade Slot Wall Light
Product Range No. S18542
Application Interior Wall
Lamp Tridonic / LLE Modules
Lamp life 50,000 hours
CRI >80
Voltage 240V
Class Class 1
Driver Integrated high-efficiency
Cooling Passive Heatsink
IP Rating IP40
Housing material Extruded Aluminium
Material finish Textured Powder Coated
Weight 300mm - 2.5kg | 400mm 2.9kg | 600mm 3.7kg | 900mm 5.4kg
LED Warranty 5 years



Style Uplight / Up/Downlight
Size 300mm / 400mm / 600mm / 900mm
Body Colour Textured White / Black / Silver / other BS/RAL
Col. Temp Warm White (3000K) / Neutral White (4000K)
Power Supply Non-Dimming / Dimmable options 
Driver Emergency / Non-Emergency


Ecoblade Slot Uplighter

Length Col. Temp Wattage Lumen Output LED efficacy
300mm 3000K 13W 1900lm 146lm/W
300mm 4000K 13W 2000lm 154lm/W
400mm 3000K 13W 1900lm 146lm/W
400mm 4000K 13W 2000lm 154lm/W
600mm 3000K 26W 3800lm 146lm/W
600mm 4000K 26W 4000lm 154lm/W
900mm 3000K 39W 5690lm 146lm/W
900mm 4000K 39W 6000lm 154lm/W


Ecoblade Slot Up/Downlight

Length Col. Temp Wattage Lumen Output LED efficacy
400mm 3000K 22W 3210lm 146lm/W
400mm 4000K 22W 2740lm 154lm/W
600mm 3000K 35W 5110lm 146lm/W
600mm 4000K 35W 5390lm 154lm/W
900mm 3000K 48W 7000lm 146lm/W
900mm 4000K 48W 7390lm 154lm/W



To generate a specific order code, select an option from each of the following categories:

S18542 Ecoblade Slot Wall-Mounted .X5 Textured White 04S 300m 3000K Uplighter /10 Non EM Non Dimming
  .X4 Textured Black 05S 300mm 4000K Uplighter /11 Non Maintained EM 1-10V Dimming
  .X2 Textured Silver 04 400mm 3000K Uplighter /14 Maintained 3Hr EM DALI Dimming
    05 400mm 4000K Uplighter   Mains Dimming
    00 600mm 3000K Uplighter   DSI Dimming
    01 600mm 4000K Uplighter   Switch DIM
    08 900mm 3000K Uplighter   6 DMX
    09 900mm 4000K Uplighter    
    06 400mm 3000K Up/Downlight    
    07 400mm 4000K Up/Downlight    
    02 600mm 3000K Up/Downlight    
    03 600mm 4000K Up/Downlight    
    10 900mm 3000K Up/Downlight    
    11 900mm 4000K Up/Downlight    


Product Code: S18542.X500/140
Product Details: Ecoblade Slot / White / 600mm / 3000K / Uplighter / Maintained 3Hr EM / Non Dimming 

For products with specifications not listed in the options above, please get in touch. Commercial Lighting is always happy to discuss and develop additional variants for clients. Emergency options are also possible as a separate emergency fixture (available for both track mounted and ceiling plate options), contact us for more information. 

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