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Intelligent lighting systems with our Sovereign range

As our name suggests, Commercial Lighting Systems Ltd is as serious about its control systems as the products themselves. Complimenting our comprehensive interior lighting range Soveriegn, Commercial Lighting continues to provide the most advanced lighting systems for intelligent control. From its well-trusted dimmable controls and sensor-responsive functionality, to utilizing the latest Internet of Things technology for sophisticated cloud-based programs, Smart Sovereign provides innumerable options for controlling and monitoring lighting systems in interior spaces. 


Human Centric Lighting

An exciting new approach to lighting systems, Human Centric Lighting utlitises the latest scientific research to dramtically improve how we experience indoor spaces. In partnership with leading Human Centric Lighting specialists, our flagship Smart Sovereign systems put people first, enhancing their environment by providing dynamic and responsive lighting focusing on one of three main functions:


Enhanced Productivity

Designed for office spaces and educational environments, Smart Sovereign can significantly improve the concentration and productivity of its users thanks to its focus on melanotic-effective lighting. While bright blue-rich light to suppress melatonin is a particular focus, generally used at the beginning of working periods to break down remnants of the users’ sleep cycle and ‘switch on’ their day cycle, periods of warmer light are used at appropriate times throughout the day for a calming environment in moments when rest is necessary.






Health & Wellbeing

When we are at our most vulnerable, our main source of light tends to be almost exclusively artificial. Extended periods of time in hospitals and institutional care keeps patients away from natural lighting, while our health and recovery is dependant on a stable circadian cycle. With Smart Sovereign, we can mimic the natural daylight cycle in hospitals and care facilities to really help with patient wellbeing and response to treatment. A particular focus here is inducing the natural cycle of melatonin throughout the day and night to allow for effective rest.






Emotional Systems

The recent science and research demonstrates how significant lighting can be in directly affecting our moods and emotions. Smart Sovereign can be used in any environment that requires changeable mood settings, greatly impacting the way we experience a space. From retail to museums and galleries, Smart Sovereign allows for systems that can dramatically enhance a room’s atmosphere through selecting the desired light colour and intensity. Systems can be set to alter automatically over periods of time, and manually changed quickly and easily to suit a new look. 




Dimming Controls

Whilst LEDs themselves are not dimmable, they can be made so using appropriate dimmable drivers or power supplies. Below provides some brief information on our standard dimming selection. For further details about any of our dimmable controls, please get in touch.

  • 1-10V Dimming

Also known as Analogue dimming protocol, this is one of the earliest and simplest electronic lighting control signalling systems. Essentially, the control signal is a DC voltage that varies between 1 & 10. The controlled lighting should scale its output so that at 10 V, the controlled light should be at 100% of its potential output, and at 1V it should at 10% output. 1-10V dimming requires 2 additional wires to run the signal along as well as the mains cable

  • DALI

The DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) protocol provides 256 levels of brightness between off and 100%, which is translated to a power level via a logarithmic dimming curve. This curve gives larger increments in brightness at high dimming levels and smaller increments at low dimming levels. Lighting scene control is a feature of this Dimming down to around 1% is possible using this type of dimming control, as well as lighting scene control.

  • Mains Dimming

Also known as Trailing Edge dimming (sometimes called Triac). A Mains Dimming system has a lower minimum load than leading-edge dimmers. This makes it a better choice for dimming modestly sized low-powered lighting circuits such as those used by LED, and include other benefits for the user such as smooth, silent dimming control, without any buzzing noise. Phase dimming switches usually look like Push button type dimming using standard dimmer switches, although there are a number of more modern plates available.Using the best equipment you can dim down to around 5% using this type of dimming control.

  • DSI Dimming​

The Digital Serial Interface (DSI) enables DSI enabled electronic drivers from Tridonic to be controlled. The luminaires are switched and dimmed using a two-wire control pair independent of the power supply cabling. In contrast to DALI, however, it is not possible to address individual drivers or ballasts separately. The low-voltage cable of the digital interface is polarity-free and can therefore be connected with either polarity to the DSI connection of the ECG. If the room layout is changed only the control line needs to be rerouted; the load line can be left unchanged. On/off switching is controlled via the digital interface.

  • Switch DIM

This is a simple implementation of digital dimming suitable for small installations but still providing smooth dimming to 1% typically. Switching is achieved digitally so each light fitting is connected to an un-switched mains supply and additional single or two core control cable is then wired to retractive wall switches. Switching is activated by pressing the wall switch to turn the lights on or off. Dimming level is adjusted by pressing the switch until the desired light level is achieved.

  • DMX

Stands for Digital Multiplex and isa standard for digital communication networks that was originally intended as a standardised method for controlling light dimmers for stage lighting and effects. DMX has also expanded to uses in non-theatrical interior and architectural lighting, being the primary method for linking controllers (such as a lighting console) to dimmers and intelligent lights. Recently, wireless DMX adapters have become popular especially in architectural lighting installations where cable lengths can be prohibitively long. DMX should allow you to dim almost to extinction.

  • Corridor Function

This sensor-based system operates the light on low intensity until presence is detected, then it increases to full brightness for a set period of time before automatically dropping the lighting level again once the presence has passed. An energy efficient system ideal for environments that require temporary illumination for through-travel.

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