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Our exclusive individual lighting service

Over its 25 years in UK Manufacturing, Commercial Lighting Systems Ltd has become recognised not only for its high quality products, but also its ability to customise existing lighting solutions to suit individual clients’ needs. Building on this great reputation, we are now proud to officially offer SOVEREIGN BESPOKE, an exclusive service in which we work closely with our customers to develop sometimes entirely individual lighting solutions.  

Lighting designed just for you

One size does not always fit all, and for many projects an off-the-shelf product may not be appropriate. While our comprehensive SOVEREIGN range already allows for a wealth of product variants, we are happy to discuss more substantial adaptations with clients. We at Commercial Lighting relish the opportunity to design lighting solutions for unique projects, and our in-house powder coating plant and local metal fabrication and spinning facilities enable Commercial Lighting to meet any lighting challenge.

Case Studies

Glass Chandelier, Scotland

Working with lighting specialists John Moncrieff Ltd, 25 beautiful teardrop glass shades were made and arranged in spiral formation, each incoporating their own LED modules, giving a modern and elegant take on the 'chandelier' tradition. With each module only using 1W of power, this striking fitting has a total system power of just 30W, making it incredibly energy efficient as well as stunning bespoke design.









Adam and Eve Pendant, London

This bespoke pendant needed to create a focal point through a 6-floor stairwell whilst providing sufficient lighting levels without excessive energy costs. The resulting suspended luminaire consists of 24 opal glass spheres, each containing a linear LED module laid out in a spiral formation on a machined aluminium central spine. The "clear" suspension wires double as a power source, passing through each globe to the next in the line with the entire pendant supported from a custom stainless steel mounting bracket.

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